Gas Turbine Enclosures

We have bespoke replacement of damaged, corroded or worn out Gas Turbine enclosures or Enclosure doors.

Modelled fully in 3D CAD with associated drawings negate the need for OEM information.

Door sealing is critical in order to manage temperatures, pressures and in the event that a fire suppressant system is activated. Therefore, sealing to doors have been designed for precise compressibility to maximise sealing and minimise wear whilst maintaining safety for operators.

  • Revised materials for improved resistance to corrosion
  • ISO insulation to reduce heat degradation
  • ISO rated acoustic fabrics
  • Revised sealing gaskets for improved durability
  • High-quality hinges, latches & strikers
  • Lift-off hinge options
  • Emergency push release systems
  • High & Low Temperature seals