Silencer Ducting & Splitters

We offer in-house designed Silencer Ducting and Silencer Splitters to accommodate any system whilst offering improved designs based on analytical data.

  • Silencer ducting & splitters designed as direct replacements
  • Can be designed specifically for customer applications
  • Revised materials compared to current designs
  • Revised ISO rated acoustic materials
  • Analytically optimised for Gas Flow
  • Optimised fabrication techniques to minimise deformation
  • Specific fabrication methods to avoid HCF cracking

a) Ducting

  • Duct lined with floating liner plate system
  • ISO rated insulation
  • Robust designed silencer splitter mounting brackets

b) Silencer Splitters

  • Material options to suit application and budgets
  • Revised perforated sheet to minimise stress cracking
  • Bespoke acoustic pillows
  • Revised Leading Edge gas flow profile