Air Intake Systems

Far from being off the shelf products, our Air Filtration Systems are different from competitors and are created to suit a particular type of Gas Turbine. Bespoke designed for each Environment condition at site and current Gas Turbine running conditions and upgrades, our system filters have proven to operate for up to three years in optimal conditions.

To ensure maximum CFM rating for the Gas Turbine, each system is designed to meet the Gas Turbine in its current configuration whilst making sure any losses due to the Pulse System or Delta P are accounted for in the overall design.

Our design supports the mass flow even after standard losses due to filters and flow conditions.

We design based on the Environment, prevailing winds and position of the Air Filtration unit which is critical in order to allow for the Gas Turbine to breathe optimally - a factor that is sometimes overlooked when units are positioned.

For instant analysis via smart phones and tablets that leverage on our in-house software, we also offer Smart Condition Monitoring systems built into the Filter Housing in order to monitor pressures, velocity and Delta P at various positions through the flow path.


  • Bespoke design of each system to meet site conditions
  • Retro fit & upgrade options of existing systems
  • Moisture elimination options
  • Pulse System for stage 1 filtration with high velocity dust extraction
  • Hepa Filtration for stage 2
  • Filter supply utilising our partners
  • Filter replacement for existing systems
  • Environmental analysis
  • Designed to suit future upgrades
  • Improved mass flow over OEM designs that take into account losses