Power Augmentation

  • Increase energy output by up to 25%
  • Offers increased power even under varying ambient conditions
  • Cost-effective per KW compared to other systems
  • These designs are NOT simply an upsized fogging system

Our power augmentation designs help to increase output and efficiency of Industrial Gas Turbines through innovative nozzle design and media delivery. On average, a system is designed to improve GT output on wellmaintained turbines of 15 percent.

However, we usually see more and heat rate can be improved above 1.0 percent. As the heat rate is incremental, through the Gas Turbine, this conservative percentage value of 1 percent can rise above 10 percent - allowing for improved Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC).

  • Injection of micron-sized water droplets into the Gas Turbine.
  • Injects up to 4x the amount of water that a standard fogging system can achieve
  • Utilises patented multi-orifice flow nozzles
  • Stand-alone high-pressure water supply skid
  • Mass flow injection rates are close to the air flow at ISO conditions
  • Flow rates are comparable to NOx water injection
  • Gas Turbine thermal stresses are managed via exponential flow rates during start up