Air Filtration Filter Replacements

Working closely with our Filtration partners, we are able to carefully source and supply the correct filter replacement for our customers based on operating conditions and its environment in order to offer the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions.

We have access to a full variety of filter types to fit most systems in operation.

As filter house designers, we are aware of the types of media and the variance in construction that can have a significant effect on efficiency, performance and Gas Turbine maintenance.

We are always ready to support a customer’s current installation requirements by exploring ways that can improve it through either filter selection or re-design options.

a) Intake Filters

  • Conical and Cylindrical Cartridge
  • Cylindrical Filter Cartridge
  • Cylindrical ABS Filter Cartridge
  • Conical Filter Cartridge
  • Square End Cap Filter Cartridge
  • Twist Lock Cartridge
  • Pocket Filter - NanoWave
  • Pocket Filter - Synthetic
  • Pocket filter - Glass Fibre
  • V-Bank / Compact Filter

b) Panel Filters

  • Single Pulse Clean Panel Filter
  • PRE Filter
  • Pulse clean Panel filter
  • V Bank Filter - TurboWeb HV (MERV16/F9)