Compressor & Turbine Blades:
Repair & Re-Engineered

Re-engineering is our way of optimising current Compressor and Turbine blade technology that eliminates inherent flaws which have been proven to exist during years of running cycles.

In addition to this, we are able to support the evaluation of existing sets of Compressor and Turbine blades once removed from the Gas Turbine, subsequently offering a Pre-Inspection check and report to understand the Yield rate possible from a used set as a second opinion before any repairs.

a) Repair

  • Robotically & Manual Controlled Welding
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Full Metallurgical Laboratory
  • Brazing
  • FIC Cleaning
  • Robotically Controlled Coating

b) Re-Engineered

  • Data Collection - Digitising Components Utilising CT Scanning or Digital Faro Arm
  • X-Ray Analysis of Internal Core Flow
  • Materials Analysis
  • Forging or Cast Component Analysis
  • Data Processing
  • 3D Model Creation
  • CFD & Stress Analysis
  • Design Optimisation & Detail Drawings
  • Manufacturing