Our products are designed and manufactured in-house. This strategically awards us full engineering design authority, including patents and patents pending. On top of this, we collaborate wth industry specialists in order to enhance our components and materials selection to ensure we are able to offer added benefits to operators through extended knowledge sharing. Therefore, Hewitt Group is always positioned to support operators on many specific challenges in order to maintain operational efficiency.


Hewitt Group has the ability to provide field support, design creation, detailed drawings, 3D models, stress anlaysis and manufacturing capabiltiies that strictly comply with ISO standards and requirements. We are able to travel globally to inspect, report and even technically lead most outage scernarios or troubleshoot to establish a positive outcome.

Our design team utilises 3D CADD software to produce in-house designs and detailed drawings, simultaneously work closely with manufacturers to deliver cost-effective engineering components that can be tailored to suit operators' requirements. This gives us the advantage of offering capabiltiies that produce high-quality, bespoke designs.

We manufacture Exhaust Systems, Bespoke Ducting, Air Filtration Systems, Enclosures, Silencer Splitters and more. We also work on specific design ideas that are later manufactured to supplied drawings if required. We also have the ability to fabricate components in several parts of the world to the same exacting standards - in a manner that is easy and convenient for shipment and collection purposes.

  • Field Service Man Power & Supervision
  • On-Site Project Management
  • Maintenance Troubleshooting
  • Borescope Inspections
Design & Analysis
  • Design
  • 3D CADD Modelling
  • Drafting
  • CFD & Stress Analysis
  • Manufacture & Fabrication
  • Re-Engineering of Compressor & Turbine Blades

Advanced Engineering

Hewitt Group’s Advanced Engineering is all about design technology and engineering services. We provide innovation, engineering and manufacturing services that deliver enhanced designs through ingenuity, material selection and performance improvements.

Our capabilities across Industrial and Aerospace include design, aerodynamics and thermodynamic analysis, re-engineering as well as bespoke low volume manufacturing projects. We firmly aim to help clients meet engineering challenges with regards to Gas Turbine operations, sustainability and efficiency through strategic engineering design, analysis and technology sharing.

  1. Analysis CFD and Stress
  2. Re-Engineering: Blade Scanning, 3D Model Creation
  3. 3D Modelling & Design