The Group

We are a diverse group of skilled and professional engineers with extensive experience across both Industrial and Aerospace Gas Turbines from design, MRO and service.

Our principles as Chartered and Accredited Engineers help to guide us in making careful and informative decisions that are exercised in the best interest of our customers.

We are not here to over commit and underperform, or even fight to have the solution to every problem. However, we are here to work with integrity to form a positive working relationship with those we share our knowledge with.

The broad depth of experience we have as Engineers, Operators, OEM Principles and Seniors over the years have allowed us to hear and see both sides of the Industry. Therefore, we are able to empathise, can easily foresee some of the questions that come our way, and can completely understand the frustration and difficulties faced in reaching a solution.

Hewitt Group Engineering consists of:

  • Strategically placed Global teams to support locally and across different time zones
  • Engineers previously from Alstom, GE and Rolls-Royce with OEM design and operating experience
  • In-house design engineers for 3D CADD modelling and detail drawings
  • Field support engineers that serve as Technical Authority with PM skills
  • Manufacturing partners within the UK, UAE and Asia
  • Capital parts partners
  • Strategic partner for Asia and Western Australia

To guide us, we have a simple set of principles based on our values and beliefs:

  • Understanding and minimising our impact on the environment, particularly in the context of waste management, materials selection and manufacturing
  • Adopting best practices to reduce the demand for virgin materials, safeguarding supply and further reducing our impact on the environment
  • Making a positive contribution to the communities within which we operate
  • Acting with upmost Integrity and considering the potential and actual ethical implications of all our decisions
  • Ensuring zero harm to the people who work for and / or with us and to give them the best opportunity to be at their best
  • Reporting and communicating with transparency and honesty
Ethics & Compliance

High standards of ethical behaviour and compliance with laws and regulations are essential to protecting the reputation and long-term success of our business. We are committed to conducting our activities in a wholly principled manner. All employees are all ethics trained and we utilise local ethics compliance advisors wherever possible.

Our ability to deliver quality products and services is based on the ability of our people. That’s why we make sure we have a highly skilled and professional workforce. We continue to develop our employee base, ensuring we have the right skills for our business today and the right capabilities when opportunities present themselves.